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Cyclemaster test team video

(December 12, 2012)


Just a bit of fun on this one! I recently had the (mis)pleasure of restoring a Cyclemaster, it was a nice easy restoration when I got round to finding my 1/4" drive socket set to fit the massive 32cc big bore kit. Once done, I needed a daring test pilot, this unfortunate task fell to Steven Young from the unit next door as he told me he was capable of handling such a powerful machine, once I acquainted him with the complex array of knobs dials and switches and levers he took his first tentative test ride, equipped with the latest in high tech safety gear, namely a pair of worn out steel toe capped boots and skid (mark) resistant overalls, on his head he wore a thick dollop of Brylcreem to enable his head to slide in the unfortunate event of a "highside"

The only downside to this once in a lifetime test ride was that.................I didn't inform him how to stop!!

Once the white knuckle ride was over Steve commented on it's incredible power and how the brakes were glowing red hot due to the extra power, what a day!

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