Latest projects

Cyclemaster test team video December 12, 2012
  Just a bit of fun on this one! I recently had the (mis)pleasure of restoring a Cyclemaster, it was a nice easy restoration when I got roun... [MORE]

Harley 45 Gearbox noise December 09, 2012
I recently had a Harley 45 gearbox repair in, the gearbox was supplied by one of the big 45 parts suppliers in Holland and the job came to me f... [MORE]

Harley crankcase repair February 19, 2011
For some reason or other, at the moment, I seem to be rebuilding a lot of Harley motors for one of the local bike shops. One of them they gave me ... [MORE]

Aluminium petrol tank repair July 15, 2010
A friend popped by the workshop the other day with a petrol tank from one of his many Bultaco trials bike projects, I've done a few of them for hi... [MORE]

Jeep Restoration February 10, 2010
While it was a little quiet over the Christmas period and the bad weather that ensued, my friend asked if he could use a quiet corner of the works... [MORE]

Some of the repairs I have undertaken December 10, 2009
Here is some of the types of repairs I undertake and the way they are tackled, I will add more as time progresses        ... [MORE]


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